Contributing to your account

You can contribute to your College Savings Iowa 529 account the way that is most convenient for you.

Ways to contribute

Recurring contributions

Saving becomes part of your routine when you set up recurring contributions (also known as automatic investment plan, or AIP).* You can automatically contribute on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) with as little as $25.

To set up recurring contributions, log on to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Select Contribute from the right-hand navigation.
  2. Under How would you like to contribute? choose Electronically from your bank account.
  3. Select the appropriate student's account and enter the amount of your contribution.
  4. Under Is this a one-time or recurring contribution? choose Recurring (also known as an Automatic Investment Plan) and follow the instructions.

One-time electronic bank transfer

You can give your savings an extra boost whenever you want by electronically transferring a lump sum from your bank to your College Savings Iowa 529 account.

To make a transfer, log on to your account and follow steps 1 through 3 above. For step 4, under Is this a one-time or recurring contribution? choose One-time and follow the instructions.

Contribute through Ugift

Family members and friends can make online contributions to a College Savings Iowa 529 account easily and securely through the Ugift service.


You can always write a check ($25 minimum) and send your contribution in by mail.

Transfer assets from other savings vehicles

You can roll over money from another state's 529 plan. You can also liquidate and reinvest assets from an education savings account or a U.S. savings bond.

Give a greeting card with your contribution

Use our greeting cards to make your contribution to a loved one's College Savings Iowa 529 account even more special. Simply fill out a card and give it to the plan participant or student (along with your check for $25 or more). He or she can then send the check to the plan.

Payroll deduction may be an option

Some employers let you add to your college savings with every paycheck. Find out if your company offers this benefit and, if so, start contributing as little as $15 per paycheck.

If you already have a College Savings Iowa 529 account, you can set up payroll deduction at any time by logging on to your account or submitting a Payroll Deduction Instruction Form.