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A jar of coins is sitting next to a pile of coins. The pile of coins has a graduation cap on top. In the background is a blue chalkboard with equations on it. You want to save – we’re here to help.

Do you enjoy researching funds and following the market, or do you prefer a more hands-off approach? At College Savings Iowa, we have options for both.

Age-Based Savings Tracks

Choose one of College Savings Iowa’s four Age-Based Savings Tracks for a portfolio that is managed for you. They automatically adjust to be more conservative as your Beneficiary ages and becomes closer to using the funds for higher education – making it easier for you to save for education.

Individual Portfolios

College Savings Iowa offers 10 Individual Portfolios, of which you can choose up to five options to create your own portfolio. A great option for Participants who seek more control over their investment strategy.

Guide to Choosing Investments

Does your savings goal involve K-12 tuition? Your investments may look different than someone investing for long-term savings goals. Visit our K-12 Goals and Investments page for more guidance.

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