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  • What is College Savings Iowa?
  • Who can open a College Savings Iowa account?
  • Who can be a Beneficiary?
  • Can I open accounts for more than one student?
  • Can different people open separate accounts for the same student?
  • Can I open an account for an unborn child?
  • Can the account owner (Participant) be changed?


  • Can I contribute to more than one 529 plan?
  • Can I move money from another 529 plan to College Savings Iowa?
  • Can I recontribute refunds from a college or university?
  • Can friends and relatives contribute to my account?
  • How can I contribute to my account?


  • Is my investment in a College Savings Iowa account insured or guaranteed?
  • When can I change my investment options?
  • If I am invested in an Age-Based Savings Track, do I need to make changes as the Beneficiary gets older?
  • What if I want to allocate part of my investment to a fund or portfolio not listed on this site?
  • What should I know about my investment performance?
  • What fees apply?


Other FAQs

  • What if my Beneficiary decides not to pursue higher education?
  • Can I change the Beneficiary?
  • What if I move to another state?
  • What are the estate tax benefits of a 529?
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