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529 Defined - Your Guide to the Lingo

Gift of Education

Tax Benefits Explained

Tips to Open a College Savings Iowa Account

What If Your Beneficiary Changes Their Plan

College Financing Planner

Higher education is expensive and important, we know that. And chances are, you also know that – it’s probably why you’re looking to start saving. But what will the cost be in 10, 15 or even 18 years? The College Financing Planner can help you see what your Beneficiary’s education might cost from move-in day to graduation day.

Additional Planning Tools

Click on a question for an easy-to-use tool from Vanguard to help you find the answer.

How much do I need to save?

How much could college cost in the future?

How much will my savings be worth?

How much will my 529 state tax deduction be?

How should I diversify my investments?

Helpful 529 Websites

College Savings Plans Network

Compare 529 plans by state or feature, or check out a guide on getting started.


Find out more about Ascensus and the 529 plans it administers. You can also take "Learn 529," an online learning experience.


Learn about ACT programs, which are designed to boost lifelong learning and potential for success in schools and workplaces around the country.

The College Board

Get help preparing for higher education, with information on admissions, assessments, financial aid and enrollment.


Educate yourself about financial aid. This site also includes application information, frequently asked questions, calculators and more.

Federal Student Aid/U.S. Department of Education

Learn about the federal financial aid process and find the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which must be completed in order to qualify for federal financial aid.

Federal school code search

Find the colleges and universities that are eligible schools under 529 plan rules.

Iowa Organizations

ISL Education Lending

An Iowa non-profit helping students and families succeed in postsecondary education by providing free education planning tools and resources, as well as scholarships and award programs.

Iowa College Access Network (ICAN)

Iowa students and their families can learn about choosing a college, applying for financial aid and managing debt. All services provided by ICAN are free to Iowa students.

Iowa College Student Aid Commission

Find out about scholarships, grants, loans and other programs available at Iowa colleges and universities.

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