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Gift of Education

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday or life milestone, trying to find that perfect gift for a child who already has toys galore can be challenging… or is it? Making a contribution to a College Savings Iowa account is easy no matter who or what you are celebrating.

A meaningful way to give.

Unlike ordinary checks, cash or gift cards, a College Savings Iowa contribution is an investment in a child’s future that has the potential to grow. It can also help offset the rising cost of higher education. This gift is sure to outlast a flashy toy!

Option 1: Open an account.

If you don’t already have a College Savings Iowa account set up for the child you are celebrating, consider starting today! Anyone can open an account for a child, including grandparents, other family members, friends and even neighbors. In addition to having the satisfaction of helping fund a child’s education, as a Participant, you can:

  1. Maintain control over the account and how the money is invested.

  2. Enjoy significant state and federal tax advantages.

  3. Have access to professional investment management.

Option 2: Contribute to an existing account.

If you want to give a meaningful gift without opening an account, consider making a contribution to the child’s existing College Savings Iowa account. With Ugift®1, the process is easy. This convenient, free-to-use program lets you securely send money to a College Savings Iowa account using a unique gifting code. All you have to do is ask the owner of the College Savings Iowa account to share the child’s Ugift code.

It gets better! If you are going to contribute to the same account in the future, you can use the same Ugift code to make a contribution any time you’d like. You can also set up a Gift Giver profile, which will allow you to save your banking information and frequently used Ugift codes, view your gift history and even set up recurring gifts.

Learn more about Ugift by visiting or going to our Participant Tools page.

No matter how you contribute, know the child you are saving for is lucky to have you supporting their dreams. Happy celebrating!

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