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Tips to Opening a College Savings Iowa Account

Whether you’re ready to get started with the College Savings Iowa 529 plan, just beginning to look into the idea of saving or somewhere in between, we’re here to help show you how easy it is to open a College Savings Iowa account. Let’s dive in!

Things to Know:

  1. Anyone at least 18 years old who has a valid U.S. Social Security or Taxpayer Identification number and a physical address that is not a PO Box can open a College Savings Iowa account.

  2. You do not have to be an Iowa resident to open an account, and the student you are saving for does not have to be an Iowa resident, either.

  3. Different people can open separate accounts for the same student. This means a father, a mother and a grandparent can all team up to save.

Things to Have:

  1. Your birthday and Social Security number, as well as the birthdate and Social Security number of the child you are saving for.

  2. Your banking information so you can make a contribution and set up recurring contributions, if you wish to.

  3. The investment option(s) for your contributions. You can choose from four Age-Based Tracks or build your own allocation from 10 Individual Portfolios. Visit our Guide to Choosing Investments page for a three-step process to help you decide which strategy is right for you.

Start Today

All you need now is 10 minutes and as little as $25 to open your account. It really is that easy! Contact our education specialists if you have any questions along the way. Happy saving!

Read the Program Description for details about College Savings Iowa.

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