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Support dreams and make an impact.

Here is what you can expect when opening a College Savings Iowa account:

Gather required information.

  • Your Social Security number

  • Your date of birth

  • Your Beneficiary’s Social Security number

  • Your Beneficiary’s date of birth

Set up your account.

  1. Choose your investment option(s).

  2. Select your contribution method. For electronic contributions, make sure to also have your bank routing and account numbers.

  3. Decide how you want to receive confirmations and updates.

  4. Review and submit your information.

Open an Account

See what creating an application looks like in action:

What happens next?

Continue making contributions.

Contribute to your College Savings Iowa account whenever it is convenient. Discover more about contributions.

Monitor your investments.

No matter which investment(s) you choose, review your account periodically. Simply log in to your account for online access to statements and performance information.

Pay for qualified education expenses.

When you request a withdrawal to pay for qualified higher-education expenses, you can have the money sent to yourself, the student or the eligible school. For withdrawals for K-12 tuition, you can have the money sent to yourself or to the K-12 institution. Withdrawals for K-12 tuition cannot be sent directly to the student. Discover more about making withdrawals.

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