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Account Tools

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College Savings Iowa offers a variety of tools to help account owners reach their savings goals.

Manage Your Account Online

You can view statements, make contributions and withdrawals, maintain your account and obtain performance information online. If you open more than one account, you can view them all with one username and password.

If you need to sign up for online access, you can still do so.

Sign up for online access

Download the App

Stay on track with your savings in the palm of your hands with the READYSAVE 529 app. Participants can create a College Savings Iowa account on the app, and see their account balance, transaction history and investment allocations.

You can also make contributions, share gifting codes and see how your savings compare to other Participants. For more information, read through our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Download READYSAVE 529 app

Earn Extra Savings

Receive cash-back rewards to your account for everyday purchases with Upromise®.1 Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a free Upromise account and link it to your College Savings Iowa account.

  2. Earn cash rewards on your everyday purchases, including shopping, groceries and dining.

  3. Upromise will automatically deposit your cash rewards and bonuses into your linked College Savings Iowa account on a periodic basis.

How to Link a Upromise Account

Invite Family & Friends to Contribute

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, it’s always the right time to give the gift of education. Ugift®2 makes it easy to invite family and friends to contribute to your account by associating each Beneficiary with a unique code and URL. Use the READYSAVE 529 app or do it online!


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1Upromise is an optional service offered by Upromise, Inc., and is separate from College Savings Iowa. Terms and conditions apply for each company's contributions. Participating companies, contribution levels and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. To learn more or sign up, go to You will need an email address to sign up. Upromise is a registered service mark of Upromise, Inc.

2Ugift and Ugift logo are service marks of Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, Inc.

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