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Handle account transactions with ease.

Handle common transactions related to your College Savings Iowa account using these forms and actions. Many can be done online or using a paper form.

Select the appropriate form below, which will be displayed in a PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader software (available free at to download or print the forms. Please note some of these Account transactions can be done online, as indicated below.

Open an Account

Form Purpose Online PDF

Enrollment Kit

Ready to enroll in College Savings Iowa? You can do it online or by downloading an enrollment kit.

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Account Updates & Changes

Form Purpose Online PDF

Account Information Change Form

Change your name, update your contact information, update your successor account or interested party information.

Account Information Change Form online

Account Information Change Form pdf

Beneficiary Change Form

Change the Beneficiary on a College Savings Iowa account or to transfer a portion of the account assets to a new beneficiary.

Beneficiary Change Form online Beneficiary Change Form pdf

Change of Ownership Form

Transfer all or part of your account balance to a new Participant.

Change of Ownership Form online Change of Ownership Form pdf

Exchange / Future Contribution (Allocation) Form

Move the existing money in your account from one investment option to another (up to twice per calendar year), or change the direction of future contributions (anytime).

Exchange / Future Contribution (Allocation) Form onlone Exchange / Future Contribution (Allocation) Form pdf

 Contributions & Withdrawals

Form Purpose Online PDF

Payroll Direct Deposit Instruction Form

Make direct contributions with as little as $15 per paycheck with payroll direct deposit. Change or remove your payroll direct deposit at any time.

Payroll Direct Deposit Instruction Form online

Payroll Direct Deposit Instruction Form pdf

Recurring Contribution (Automatic Investment Plan) / Electronic Bank Transfer Form

Start, change or stop recurring contributions to your account. You can also add, change, or remove bank account information.

>Recurring Contribution form online >Recurring Contribution form pdf

Additional Purchase Form

Include this form with any additional contributions you are making by check, or if the contribution you are making is from an indirect rollover (you have withdrawn the previous custodian’s funds in the last 60 days) from another 529 plan, education savings account or qualified U.S. savings bond.

Additional Purchase Form online Additional Purchase Form pdf

Incoming Rollover Form

Contribute to your account with a direct rollover (previous custodian still holds your funds) from another 529 plan or education savings account to your College Savings Iowa account.

Incoming Rollover Form online Incoming Rollover Form pdf

Direct Rollover to Roth IRA

Initiate a direct rollover of assets from your College Savings Iowa account to an existing Roth IRA account established for the benefit of the Beneficiary.

Incoming Rollover Form online Incoming Rollover Form pdf

College Savings Iowa greeting cards

Give the gift of education and accompany your check with one of our greeting cards.

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Withdrawal Request Form

Request a full or partial withdrawal from your account, or close your account.

Withdrawal Request Form online Withdrawal Request Form pdf

 Verification & Authorization

Form Purpose PDF

IRS Form W-9

Certify the Taxpayer Identification Number for the Participant or Beneficiary.

IRS Form W-9 pdf

Full Force & Effect

This form is needed when a General Power of Attorney (POA) agreement is submitted to the Plan and the date of the POA is more than five years from the date the POA was established.

Full Force & Effec pdf

Agent Authorization / Limited Power of Attorney

Authorize a person or an organization to discuss your accounts with an education savings specialist, receive information about your accounts and act on your behalf with respect to your accounts.

Agent Authorization / Limited Power of Attorney pdf

Power of Attorney

Grant an agent the authority to act on your accounts.

ower of Attorney pdf

Resolution Form

Identify the officers or other persons who are authorized to act upon accounts on behalf of an organization.

Organization form pdf

Authorization to Access 529 Plan Accounts

Designate an agent with limited authority to obtain information regarding your accounts.

Authorization to Access 529 Plan Accounts pdf

Trustee Certification

Identify current trustees when the identity and/or number of trustees has changed or when the trustees are not identified in your account.

Trustee Certification pdf
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