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Making a withdrawal? Have these items on hand! Student's ID number; amount of the withdrawal; address of where the funds are being sent, e.g. the school's registrar; Withdrawal Request Form, if making a withdrawal by mail; account login information, if making a withdrawal online.Here is what you need to know about making a withdrawal from your College Savings Iowa account.

Making a Withdrawal

Ready to use your hard-earned savings? College Savings Iowa makes the process easy. Qualified withdrawals can be sent:

  • Electronically to your bank if instructions are established,

  • Electronically to your school, if applicable,

  • By check to the Participant, the Beneficiary (if over age 18 and for post-secondary education) or directly to the school.

A green circle with a yellow lightbulb inside. With many families making withdrawals at the same time, be sure to make your withdrawal request sooner rather than later and allow time for processing. Requests can take up to five days to process, and it may take up to 10 business days for a check to be received.

Make a withdrawal from your online account, by mailing the Withdrawal Request Form or giving us a call.

Online By Mail By Phone

Keep in Mind

  1. If you are adding or changing bank information, factor in a 15-calendar-day verification period. During this time, the assets cannot be sent to the bank.

  2. Add the Beneficiary’s student ID number in the memo field if your withdrawal is going directly to the school.

  3. Please allow 10 business days (plus mailing time, if applicable) for the funds to arrive.

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